Warranty Policy

Warranty Disclaimer

We supply 3years or 5 years warranty against defects in respect of GREEN CITY LIGHTING lamps on the following terms and conditions :

Warranty Items Warranty Time
LED Downlight 3 Years
LED Spotlight 3 Years
LED Shop lighter 3 Years
LED Flood light 3 Years
LED Tube light 3 Years
LED Panel light 3 Years
LED Trunk Lamp 3 Years
LED High Bay 5 Years
LED Stirp light 2 Years
LED Driver 3Years
Dimmer 2 Years


Warranty Items Warranty Time
Fire Rated downlight 5 years
SMD downlight  5 years
COb downlight  5years
Plastic downlight  3years
led shop light 5years
led track light 5years
Iled panel light  5years
Led spotlight  3years
Led flood light  5years
ILed tube light  3years
led bulb light  3years
led High bay  5years
Led driver 3years
Dimmer 3years


Bulk order return 

  • 1.Failure rates Less then 0.5%, it is the normal range, so we will send the replacements with next order;
  • 2.Failure rates lest then 2%, we can send the replacements first, we will pay for the shipping cost, then
  • we will get back the failed products,we will we will pay for the shipping cost
  • 3.More then 2% , we will ask to send the failed ones back to inspect the reason. If wrongly used or the 
  • artificial damage is not the maintenance scope, if our quanlity problem, we will send replacements, and 
  • pay for the both side shipping cost.